Welcome, anyone who loves Edward Cullen!

  Thank you Seth!!! for putting my sight on stephenies websight you rock!!!


If you are here you are in love with Edward Cullen, I just have to say Stephenie Meyer is my hero! My name is Ashlei and I love the twilight saga. I am a little dissapointed that Stephenie has taken a brake on Midnight sun. I, as the creator of this sight, promise to up date you all with as much information as i can get. Please feel free to wright in the guest book! Thank you! (:


          Stephenie Meyer!                                                      Twilight Saga!



   Our Edward Cullen Promise 

 As Edward Cullen fans, We promise to always love and support Edwards choices,

We promise to not let our feelings (if any) for Jacob Black get in our way of loving Edward,

We promise to always wait for Edward to love us too,

We promise to respect Bella but keep wishing we were her,

We promise to let Alice plan all the parties including our wedding,

We promise to let Carlisle heal ALL of our wounds,

We promise to live close, for Esme's sake of corse,

We promise to never get mad near Jasper,

We promise that when we become vampires that we will wrestle with Emmett,

We promise that we will tell Rosalie she is pretty more than once,

We promise to always love Edward and all the Cullens (and the Swans).

We promise!!!








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