About Me!

 My name is Ashlei and i LOVE Edward Cullen! I was inspired to make this sight while looking at everyone elses! I have to say it is under construction so just to let you know I am so open for suggestions! When i started reading the Twilight saga i couldnt put any of the books down and i know all you Twilight Fans are the same way. I have read the books 10 times each, thats not that many compared to some of you! If you have any ideas for songs tell me please! Thank you so much for commenting i will post as much as i can i <3 you all!


<3 Edward Cullen! <3


Here is some more facts about me!!

My fav color= Orange

My fav books= Twilight...Obviously

My fav song= This is the Future

My fav band= OWL CITY!!!!

My bestfriends name= Kathleen and Morgan

My home state= Colorado

My crushes name= Austin (i thoght i throw that in for you guys (: )