Advice from me to you

ok so im going to do something nontwilight related, but something i absolutly love doing. im creating an advice page.

email me at edward_our_fantisy@yahoo.com with any problem, no matter what it is, and i will email you back, when you email please put the following:

1. your first name and age        2.in the subject please put advice

3. write out the problem you have in complete detail, remember your secrets safe with me

4. at the bottom please put "yes you may post my problem and your answer on your sight for people to read and comment on." or "no, please dont share my problem with anyone"


Hello Ashlei. There is this boy I really like, his name is Alex. My problem is my friends hate him, and the weird thing is, I used to hate him too, then one day in my Agriculutre class he sat next to me and told me that i has pretty eyes, and instead of being a jerk to me like usuall he was really nice, that day we talked a lot and became friends, he and I get along great now. We flirt a lot and he makes me so much happier then i have been in a long time, i really like him and he tries to get along with my two besties but they just dont see him like i do and are not willing to forgive him, all i want is for them to give him a chance and realize what a great guy he can be, but they wont, i have talked to them and they wont listen. they told me if i dated him then it wouldnt ruin our friendship, but i feel a judgementalness about them now and they seem different around me, part of me say to hang with austin because acutually he has became my best guy friend and id do anything to keep that, so part of me wants to say whatever guys screw u if you dont accept my new friend and major crush then i guess you dont accept me, but the other part of me says keep the friends and leave alex, ive liked other guys...its not like i would be emotionaly attached, but either way loosing any of themn would break my heart, please help me.

~Aleshia my advice is this, your best friends are the people who will be in your life forever, and if they truely are your bestfriends then they would accept who you like and forgive alex. excpeacilly if he is trying to fix things. i cant tell your friends what to do and either can you, all you can do is talk to them about alex. maybe have all of hang out, they arnt judging you aleshia and if they are then who cares what they think? if it wont ruin your friendship but only give you the felling your being judged then dont give up and dont choose sides. if in time you and alex do date, well mayber your friends will have warmed up. do not give up on what makes you happy, fight for all your friendships, i hope that helps, email me back and keep me posted, i love you thanks for visiting my sight,

~Ashlei~ ♥♥♪♪♫♫♥♥