Are You Obsessed?


You know you are obsessed if........

1. You leave your window ope expecting Edward.

2. You screamed histaricly at your book when Edward left Bella.

3. When you cried in any of the books and one of your family members asked whats wrong you screamed at them that they wouldnt understand.

4. You brought your books with you every where you went.

5. You have read each book more than 5 times.

6. You have conversations in your head with the characters.

7. You are planning to be somthing Twilight related for Halloween.

8. You write your name as ________ Cullen. ( i so do this :) )

9. You could tell anyone what page, chapter, and book a oart is on if they asked.

10. You have a birthday party for Bella nad Edward on their b-days.

11. You have dreams about Edward.

12. When your friends mention Twilight you go on for twenty minutets about certain parts.

13. The Twilight saga is the topic at your lunch table.

14. You and your friends have made plans to go see the movie the night it comes out.

15. Your background is one of the Cullens.

Congratulations if you answerd yes to at least 10 of these questions you are officaly obsessed! Welcome to my world! XD