The Books!!

***Warning spoilers!!!!***

Twilight- Twilight is an amazing love story that has suspence going through our mind throughout the expierience! I absalutly love it! In this romantic suspece, a gorgeous vampire falls in love with an amazing human, who later finds out the truth of Edward and his family.

-my favorate parts (i cant pick one) would have to be at the resturent in La Plush, Edwards meadow, and the very first time Edward was in Bellas room-with her knowing-.

-my least favorate parts are, when i found out James tricked Bella, When Edward refused to turn Bella into a vampire and When the book ended :)


 New Moon- New Moon was probably m least favorate of the saga. This book had me bawling all the way till after the Volturie. This book is about How Edward broke Bellas heart but repaired it -twords the end-  This is also the same book where we find out that Jacob becomes a Were Wolf!

-My favorate parts was when Bella saw Edward for the first time in a long time!, When Bella told Jacob she doesnt love him more than a brother, and when Luarent was killed.

-my least favorate parts are probably obvious, when Edward left ( i screamed at the book), when Jane tourcherd Edward (i cried sobs), and when the book ended :)

 Eclipse- This book is about the probloms of Bellas love relationship between Edward and Jacob. Also, when Victoria tries to avenge the death of james, new born vampires come and give the volturi a reason to come, which leads to possible death for Bella, but of corse everything turns out ok.

-My favorate parts are when, Edward askes to Bella to marry him, when Bella punched Jacob (i was sad when she broke her hand though), and when Victoria was killed.

-My least favorate parts was when Jacob kissed Bella >:| , when Bella asked Jacob to kiss her, and when the book ended (:.

 Breaking Dawn- This book is about Bella getting pregnet and we have to learn how she goes through all this pain. Bella ends up having a girl , Renesmee, with an ability to show people her toughts by touching them. Also Bella becomes a vampire! The volturi come to destroy renesmee, they didnt know what she was, but they were proved that renesmee is harmless.

-My favorate parts were when, Bella and Edward got Married, when Bella turned into a Vampire, and when Alice returned from her journey.

-My least favorate parts were when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee (she is to good for him XD ), when Bella was almost diying, and when the book ended ( i cried so hard knowing i had to wait a year for Midnight Sun :( )

                                            The Twilight Saga!!