Twilight the Movie!!

Wow. The Twilight movie was great...and not so good.

This page is all opiniounated and all about the Twilight movie.

My Opinion: my opinion on the movie was, its good and it followd the book...for the most part. i, however, did think that it was an epic fail. it could have been better and we all know it, the medow scene was the worst and nothing like any of the twilight fans i talked to imagined(including myself) but lets face it...at least we got a movie.

Opinions of others: (please email me your opinions thank you, look at questions for me to get my email info)


Heres some Twilight Movie pics (: enjoy

Edward  Edwared  Twilight Cast

Edward attaking  One of those scenes that dont belong

James   How long have you been 17?